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A touch of GOULD

by Shirley Chan
(ThermalAir, Rotorua Daily Post)                          
  Pic by Shirley Chan

 A ray of Gould injects new energy into established restaurant

What does Park Heritage Hotel’s Executive Chef, William Gould, bring to Chapmans Restaurant, already famous for its buffet? – a completely new and exciting ala carte menu to offer diners an excellent fine dining selection, at very affordable prices!

With 16 years’ of cooking experience behind him, Chef Gould’s resume parades numerous upmarket establishments which include The Carlton Hotel, Auckland, Ravesi’s, Sydney as well as Austin’s Food Design & Events, one of New Zealand’s first and largest catering services. His cooking has taken him from Marlborough to Auckland and everywhere in between, to Australia as well as Thailand.

Chef Gould, a son of Rotorua, shares with us an exquisite Thai Chilli Crab dish – an example of his ala carte menu, which demonstrates his direction towards Pacific Rim, fusion style foods, with lots of seafood – a great recipe to try at home but it is highly recommended that you try the real McCoy at Chapmans Restaurant.


20 ml Canola Oil
60 g Brown Onion
10 g Garlic, chopped
10 g Ginger, minced
25 g Chilli Paste (Chef Gould’s secret recipe)
100 ml Coconut Cream
10 ml Nam Pla (Thai Fish Sauce)
50 ml Fish Stock
6 Cherry Tomatoes, quartered
15 g Capsicum, julienned
2 Whole Prawns
15 ml Mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine)
1 Lime, quartered
4 Swimmer Crabs, cleaned and halved
15 g Coriander, chopped

Fry onion, garlic and giner in oil. Add chilli paste. Add crabs, prawns, sauté till red in colour. Add fish stock and mirin. Reduce till 1/3. Add cherry tomatoes, capsicum and coconut cream. Remove from heat just before boiling point. Place into bowl. Garnish with prawns, limes and coriander. Chef Gould recommends eating with your hands.