Shirley Chan
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A treasure find

by Shirley Chan
(ThermalAir, Rotorua Daily Post)

Every so often, the NZ Navy loses one of their best.  The civilian world now gets to enjoy beautiful culinary creations by Sam Henderson, Executive Chef.  A son of this clean, green country, he gives us beautifully pure and natural tastes

Sam Henderson, the Head Chef at Cobb & Co Restaurant & Bar, is born and bred Kiwi – a son of a beautiful country with pure and natural ingredients to produce the best of dishes.

He is every man’s man – and every woman’s too – because Sam has the characteristics which make him someone we could like and look up to. Sam is friendly, loyal, approachable, generous with his cooking tips, passionate about food, loves cooking, music, hunting, fishing, works out at the gym and lives a healthy fit life, travelled and has put in his share of patriotic duties for his country –and he is also very easy on the eye.

His career with the New Zealand Navy, prior to his appointment with this icon of Kiwi family restaurants, has imparted upon him very good and solid qualities. Discipline, integrity, pride, respect, team work and camaraderie are major factors which have driven him to excel in whatever he puts his mind to. They help him build and lead an excellent, effective team of six chefs.

Cooking and food have been as natural as breathing for this talented chef. Born into a family of excellent cooks, where Mum was the principal inspiration and influence in his career as a chef, off-time is often spent around family and food.

Sam is experimental with his tastes and will eat everything but admits to not liking fizzy drinks and keeps to low fat foods. Armed with a healthy take on food and a flair for exceptional presentation, Sam produces some very healthy and beautifully presented options in his repertoire of dishes at the Cobb.

Sam shares his recipe for his Delightfully Delicious Cheesecake, a dessert that will win over even the non-dessert lovers. Whether you can cook or can’t tell a spud from a tomato, you need to go to the Cobb & Co Restaurant & Bar to let Sam impress you with his cooking.


Juice and Rind of 1 Orange
50mls Hot Water
100mls Fruit Pulp
2 Leaves Gelatine
500g Mascarpone Cheese
500g Cream cheese
30g Icing Sugar
1 Pkt Super Wine Biscuit (or Try Tim Tams if indulgent)
100g Melted Butter

Bring to the boil water, juice, rind, fruit pulp and gelatine until gelatine is completely dissolved.  Allow to cool.
Prepare Cheese Mix: In a bowl mix the Mascarpone cheese, Cream Cheese and Icing Sugar.  Let this rest.
Mix crushed biscuits with melted butter. Press into a Greased 8cm Round Cake Tin.  Chill till firm.
Mix the fruit pulp with rested Cheese Mix.
Spoon into Cake Tin on top of Biscuit Mix.  Chill for at least 3 Hours.
Portion and serve topped with fruit pulp or Chocolate sauce.