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Avocado Relish

by Shirley Chan
(ThermalAir, Rotorua Daily Post)

From Invercargill to the Big Smoke… and everywhere in between

Chef Wade Fewster’s love of adventure brought him from Invercargill at the southern most tip of New Zealand to Rotorua, via Cromwell, Queenstown and Auckland.

His migration route has immersed him in extensive experience in the food industry and the result is the amazingly unique style of food which he has brought to Relish Café, Rotorua, under the tutelage of Tim Petersen from Germany.

Chef Fewster’s cooking style is versatile. He is willing to make changes to the menu in order to accommodate individual customer needs. Thanks to his experience working with numerous excellent chefs from abroad he is very competent catering to tourists as well as locals.

One thing Chef Fewster does not compromise on is the quality of produce and ingredients he uses in his food. At Relish, all the Aioli, Mayonnaise, Relishes and Sauces are home-made, all with authentic and top quality ingredients.

Chef Fewster shares his recipe for Avocado Relish to try at home. To best taste how good Chef Fewster’s relishes and food are, you need to visit Relish Café where you can experience the master wield his gastronomic wand – and be captivated.


10 Red Onions (Medium to Large)
10 Capsicums (Mixed)
10 cloves of Garlic
750ml White Wine Vinegar
2 Cups of Brown Sugar
Salt & Peper to taste
1 Cup Mango Star Tea
7-8 Avocadoes, de-stoned, and chopped into bite size


Slice Onions, Capsicums & Garlic
Place all ingredients in a large pot.
Boil over medium to low heat until almost all the liquid is gone
Allow to cool
Add Avocadoes
Mix well.