Shirley Chan
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Unwanted perfection

by Shirley Chan
(Rotorua Daily Post, SPCA insert)

He’s almost human…. only more perfect

Unwanted perfection? An oxymoron but true. Left chained to the SPCA gate fence at dawn, right along busy Old Taupo Road, his owner stealing away before he could be discovered, 18 month-old pedigree Rottweiler, Leo, and his mate, Peggy Sue, a pedigree Ridgeback, were open to abduction by the wrong kind of people.

It was, however, a kind, responsible act on the part of their owner who had to leave the country in a hurry; not completely heartless then, this white collar criminal.

Leo was discovered to be perfect when he was taken in to be re-homed – excellent manners, immaculate coat condition. He was well-cared for and clean; a perfect giant, fully vaccinated, obedient, and social. He could walk, off-lead, loves every dog and cat and is wonderful with people. He was brought up so well.

The SPCA immediately got in contact with Rachel Sharp who had registered her interest in a Rottweiler. With a partner and no children, Rachel stays at home and is able to devote all her time to Leo who is a social dog – a match made in heaven. Rachel has no work to improve Leo. He came to her so perfectly.

“It’s like having a child. He is almost human. Amusing to watch.” Rachel loves Leo to bits. He gives her company and she dotes on him. Initially, Leo shared the garage with the family car. Then the family car moved out and a couch moved in – and now Leo has the whole garage all to himself – and the couch too.

Leo and Rachel go to the forest daily where Leo runs, lead-free, fetching his favourites – tennis balls and Frisbees. He is friendly to everything, everyone and every animal he comes across, including the family cat who doesn’t reciprocate his adoration. She hisses and spits at him, “Stay away from me!” but he persists.

He may look typically Rottie, a strong 56kg power ball, but the only threat he poses to people is that he is likely to lick them to death. He is totally devoid of aggression. SPCA manager, Nicola Martin says “Leo is the perfect example of what a well-trained Rottweiler is. Aggression-free, loving, social and beautiful.”

If she wanted another dog, Rachel said she would surely go to the SPCA again because “The SPCA do such a great job. Cages and holding areas are always clean. The animals are so well-cared for. Nothing will go wrong with the animals adopted from the SPCA. It’s really frustrating. They work so hard there and the community doesn’t support them as much as they should.”

How true. This satisfied supporter couldn’t have said it clearer. The SPCA needs more homes for the beautiful animals they rescue. They need volunteers in every area and donations of time, money, food and other things, so that beautiful animals can have a chance to be re-homed to live their lives out amongst loving people.