Shirley Chan
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The Real Italian Job

by Shirley Chan
(Thermalair, Rotorua Daily Post)

Bold and beautiful, she is full of the heady, exotic flavours and tastes of the real Italy

Zanelli’s Italian Restaurant embraces you. From the contrasting bold red walls and deep green shuttered windows surrounding the Italian feature windows to the larger than life golden scenes of Chianti, Toscana and Firenze of Italy; from the wonderful smells of herbs wafting around you, to the romance, elegance and style everywhere you look, Zanelli’s Italian Restaurant is as warming as wine and a roaring fire on a winter’s day.

Mediterranean chef-owner Rehioui, reproduces Italy in an exquisite and authentic Italian menu with only the freshest NZ and Italian produce. Besides the quickest way to learn Italian, no matter which dish you choose, it is guaranteed to taste as beautiful as it sounds.

Caposante in Padella con Capperi – Pan-seared Scallops, with capers and capsicums, finished with a brandy sauce, and served with a timbale of risotto.

Gnocchi con Blue Vein – Home-made potato pasta pillows served in a Blue Vein creamy sauce (flavours changed weekly)

Risotto con Funghi e Zucchini – Arborio rice with mushrooms and courgettes in a creamy saffron sauce (flavours changed weekly)

Frutti di Mare – Seafood medley served with grilled polenta and beautifully scented lemon parsley butter.

Even when the dish is just named Fish of the Day, Chef Rehioui delivers with true Italian style to titillate the taste buds, when he profiles pan-fried Snapper topped with a creamy caper sauce served on a bed of Rosemary Potatoes and Vegetables.

For more than 21 years, Zanelli’s has been bringing true Italian cuisine to New Zealand. The variety of Italian food is a myriad. Zanelli’s offers the chance to experience the ever expanding range of tastes with weekly changes to soups, flavours of risotto/gnocchi, desserts and many other dishes. Regular diners will never be bored. Many also appreciate the highly popular Weekly Specials.

For the taste of authentic Italian cuisine, there is no place like Zanelli’s in Rotorua where Italy comes to New Zealand.